Splurge Vs. Save: Fur Scarf

So it’s snowing, during the first week of November. Don’t get me wrong; I’m certainly not complaining. This pumpkin spice candle and view of the flurries quickly falling through my window gives me a sense of relaxation I haven’t felt in years.

It’s just so damn cold out. Well, obviously. It has to be for snow, but still, the sudden drop in temperature kind of caught me off guard. So when I was outside this morning (briefly, thank goodness) all I wanted was the warmest, most comfortable cold weather accessories I could think of.

Enter: the fur scarf. I mean what gets warmer than that? Not much. So this week’s Splurge Vs. Save will focus on the fashionable and functional fur scarf.


This Barney’s New York Fox Pull-Through Scarf is an absolute beauty. What I love about a pull through scarf is that it tightly ties around your neck with little to no movement. This scarf can be purchased at Barney’s for $425.


Here’s an almost identical dupe for the Barney’s scarf. This faux-fur pull-through scarf from Madewell is just $55 and functions in the same exact way the Splurge scarf does.

Would you buy a faux fur scarf?


Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images