Splurge Vs. Save: Clubmaster Sunglasses

Fashion and style is most definitely not limited to clothing and shoes, accessories play a big part in completing an outfit. One accessory I can never leave my house without: Sunglasses. Whether it’s winter or summer, bright or not, I would feel lost without a pair of sunglasses on.

As someone who loves anything vintage, I’m extra excited that a lot of this upcoming fall’s trends are inspired by vintage styles. What better way is there to incorporate vintage accessories into your wardrobe than buying a pair of Clubmaster sunglasses?


The company Ray-Ban is the God of vintage sunglasses. Since their founding in 1937, Ray-Ban has been the go-to company for Aviators, Wayfarers, and Clubmaster sunglasses. The Clubmaster somewhat incorporates an aviator and a wayfarer style in one lens and can be worn for any occasion. This pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses is relatively cheap at $150 and can be purchased anywhere Ray-Ban Sunglasses are sold.


This pair of Clubmaster inspired sunglasses (Drifter Shades) is from Madewell and sell for $49.50. I love these sunglasses because they are still good quality (I would never recommend poorly made sunglasses. Trust me, you can tell the difference) and the light colored frame and gradient lens will draw positive attention to your face.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images