Roger Vivier Honored In New Book


Roger Vivier is one of the most iconic shoe and accessory designers known to the fashion world, and he’s just about to be recognized, and immortalized, in a new book, due out next month.

The book spans the brand’s creations from the 1930s onward, including Vivier’s invention of the ever so popular stiletto heel (bet you didn’t know that fact) for Dior in 1955.

Vivier also holds claim to the buckle pump, made famous by Catherine Deneuve in Luis Benuel’s 1967 movie “Belle de Jour.” The book will span throughout all of these iconic moments, right up to the current creative director, Bruno Fisoni’s, and his revival of the fashion house.

The book will include 300 color photos, sketches by Vivier and Frisoni along with photographed conversations between various figures.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images