PETA Sends Bebe A Cease And Desist

The use of animal fur for apparel and textile purposes is not illegal, but it is, in fact, illegal to mislead when advertising a product. Animal rights activist group PETA feels that Bebe, is doing just that.

PETA and Bebe have been at legal odds since 2007 in regards to Bebe misinforming its consumers that their products do actually contain real animal fur, and not faux fur.

Last week, PETA sent Bebe’s CEO Steve Birkhold a cease and desist letter stating that Bebe is “giving contradictory and therefore false and misleading information to consumers who contact your company about its fur-free policy – including telling consumers that Bebe is a fur-free company, when, in fact, Bebe continues to sell products made with animal fur.”

PETA demands that bebe “immediately cease and desist in its illegal conduct” calling the company’s business practices “unfair, dishonest, deceptive and fraudulent.”

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images