Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


The holidays are a hectic time, aren’t they? You’re running around trying to accomplish so much, that here it is, Thanksgiving Eve, and you’ve realized that you’ve been more [reoccupied with what you’re drinking tonight, rather than what you’re wearing tomorrow.

Have no fear; there are always last minute options in just waiting for you in your closet. I’ve put together four separate outfit choices for you to choose from, should you need a little bit of a suggestion when it comes to getting ready tomorrow morning.

If you don’t have many components to these outfits in your closet, don’t worry. This is really about showcasing what color schemes would be appropriate for this holiday. My first three outfit choices (from left to right) are a bit more formal. In my family, we dress up for the holidays, so any of these outfits would be appropriate. I love the two dresses in these shades of yellow and green paired with tights and some heels.

The next formal outfit is a blouse/skirt combination. I love the yellow/oxblood blend; I think that it’s perfect for Thanksgiving. Finally, I put aside a more casual ensemble, for those of you who aren’t exactly feeling dressing up. A pair of olive colored skinny cargos, a plaid button down, and a white sweater over it is the quintessential fall outfit.

What are you wearing on Thanksgiving?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images