Lululemon's Anti-Ball Crushing Pants Are A Huge Hit With Guys

Lululemon has been quietly adding extra space to its stores in Canada and the United States, but what's even more interesting is the extra room it's been adding to its men's pants to ensure top comfort for a guy and his, um, jewels.

In fact, the company is hoping to redefine the way men think of the ABCs. Laurent Potdevin, the company's CEO, dubbed the new line of men's pants as "anti-ball crushing" in a conference call with Bloomberg.

The clothing chain thinks the men's clothing industry is literally worth a billion dollars, and it's been seeing immediate success with its new line for guys.

The company opened its first men's store in SoHo in NYC on Black Friday last year and served beers and coffee to any of the dudes who were brave enough not only to make the trek but also to walk into a Lululemon store to shop for their own clothing.

Bloomberg Business reports the pants are slim fit to ensure any exercising accidents that could be caused by some extra baggage are stopped early, but they provide enough space in the front so men can move around comfortably andlet let the jewels breathe.

Since establishing the ABC pants, Lululemon has seen a 16 percent increase in sales in stores where they're being sold. Let's hope even more brands decide to take on this fashion trend.

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