Kate Moss And Marc Jacobs Close Down Louis Vuitton


Marc Jacobs, the head of design for Luis Vuitton Pret-a-Porter was influenced by “femme fatales”, bored housewives and decadent glamour this season, as he showed off the French fashion house’s collection for Fall 2013.

The show celebrated feminine lace textures, green silk, grey tones and a 1920-style, while adding crocodile and ostrich feathers for a bolder tone.

Skirts were knee-length to floor, but Jacobs still managed to maintain the sensual look while using transparent materials and smoky eyes on his models. We were happy to see that fur stayed on the catwalk in more toned down shades such as grey, olive green, mint and Bordeaux.

It was a romantic collection with rose-petals embroidery, diamond clustered tweed-jackets and an out-of the Boudoir make-up which gave a very “Bonjour Tristesse”-.look There’s nothing more glamorous then looking bored and rich, and Jacobs knows it too!

Rather than making a simple entrance in a row, the models emerged from different doors in a room, portraying how they were coming out from their hotel rooms or dressing rooms. An interesting aspect were the marabou-clothed Speedy-bags ( Fur bags, Winning!) which is probably as amazing bag-wise as it gets.

Our favorite celebrities were of course present: On front row we spotted Naomi Watts, Lily Collins, Elizabeth Olsen and the rest of the snobby Paris fashion-crowd.

We loved to see Kate Moss (BFF of Jacobs) strut out and close the show, wearing what looked like a grey, transparent, sequined negligee with her hair á la Edith Piaf. Marc Jacobs ran out to accompany her in her sleepwear outfit, wearing a red silk pyjama! That’s all from Louis Vuitton, bonne nuit mes amis!

This collection confirmed a lot of trends we will see this fall: fur and feather jackets we can actually wear, lace and transparent fabrics, blacks blacks and blacks and leather details on clothes. Do we need to state the obvious? This will be one fashionable, sexy fall!

Anna Madsen | Elite.