Jason Wu: Spring 2013


Yes, it is only the second day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and only a handful of designers have showcased their Spring 2013 collections, but I can already tell that Jason Wu’s Ready To Wear Spring 2013 collection is going to be one of my absolute favorite collections this week.

There was not one look during his presentation that I did not absolutely love. Everything about the collection was perfect. Jason Wu had his usual classic silhouette in black and white, taupe, pink, and navy blues.

There was a lot of lace, leather, structured blouses and hot pants. Cutouts, bare midriffs and sheer fabrics were also prominent. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the collection was Jason Wu’s contrast between good girl and bad girl. Sweet, subtle floral patterned dresses would be present one moment, and a thin leather holster and corset would be there the next.

The finale completed the entire event with three gorgeous organza skirted gowns that I'll be dreaming about for weeks. He most definitely got my attention, and the presentation to a background of ominous instrumentals and a large mirror made the show ten times better.

My favorite look:

How do you feel about this collection?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images