The Importance Of Heels

by Anonymous

There are many common misconceptions in this modern world. Perhaps the most prevalent of these is that men are superior and therefore more valuable than women. This stereotype is viewed as a challenge to the modern woman, many of whom are well aware of what they have to do to prove the falsity of the aforementioned theory.

Not to worry girls, we can get by with a little help from our friends, shoes or shall I say heels.

Lets start with the basics. Heels provide various forms of service to whoever is wearing them. The most important, in my opinion is height. Studies show that size is directly related to intimidation. I’m not saying you want to be a scary intimidating woman, but it definitely helps level the playing field in a world of tall, suited men.

When you can talk to a man and make direct eye contact, it gives off an image of status and equality. If a man doesn’t have to look down to speak to you, psychologically and literally, you are on the same level.

Another feature that comes with a nice pair of heels is confidence. Any woman who frequently wears heels knows that they make you walk in a completely different fashion. Your hips sway a little bit more, your hair blows in the wind behind you, and you display an essence of womanly pride. There is a reason you don’t normally see models on the runway in flats.

Could you imagine watching the Victoria Secret models flaunt their gorgeous lingerie and wings in ballet flats? I’m sorry, but I don’t think Adriana Lima would be nearly as hot if she were forced to strut down the runway in a bra and flats. Adriana and I aren’t personal friends but I know that those heels make the model and without them they would have some issues getting their message across.

My last and final point is that heels shape your body. Are you a girl with short legs? Wear some heels! They easily make your legs look so much longer. Plus, your ass never looked so good. Every girl knows heels make your ass look ten times better. Have a flat ass? It’s an ultimate curve booster.

The easiest way to discover the truth behind these claims is to wear your heels whilst getting ready to go out. There is nothing sexier then running around your room and putting on make up in underwear, a bra, and heels. Those parts of your body you might be feeling self conscious about, will begin to seem sexy. This simple action could give you so much confidence.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “what if you can’t walk in heels?” Trust me, stumbling down the street is a big no-no and very unattractive. Start with something easy or a little shorter. By easy I mean a shoe with a big platform, a wedge, or something that will really hold your foot in, such as a bootie or a strap.

When I first started wearing heels I definitely had trouble but now I have worked my way from wedges to stilettos and have managed to pick some favorite styles that work well for my body and clothes.

If you are a woman who wants to be taken seriously and also appear sexy at the same time, invest in the perfect heels. Whether it’s $90.00 by Steve Madden or $1195.00 made by Christian Louboutin, it really doesn’t matter. Whatever heels work for you and make you feel good in your own skin should be sitting on your shelf ready to be worn with your next little black dress.

Sara DiMaggio | Elite.