Fur Is Not Going Anywhere


Sorry PETA, but it doesn’t look like fur is going anywhere, anytime soon. The textile trend has made a major mark the past few seasons, and with the fall 2013 runways featuring fur left and right, it may be time to start investing in some pieces.

A recent statistic found that 70% of designer who showed their collections during fashion month used fur in at least one look. Major brands such as Altuzzara, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, J. Mendel, Marni and Giambattista Valli used fur in more than 20 looks.

Is this a problem amongst consumers? Fur has always been a touchy issue amongst those who disapprove of the use of animal textiles, but since the majority of furs have been faux (in recent years), is this still a problem?

A recent poll conducted by found that 60% of the 1024 surveyed believe that wearing fur is in fast morally acceptable, which was a 4% increase from the previous year’s exact same poll.

On the other hand, PETA’s Danielle Katz has been quoted in saying that fur friendly designers solely use fur for “shock value” purposes and that “fur remains as popular as a cold sore”.

Seems a little hostile, considering the majority of these textiles used are now acrylic. Where do you stand on the fur issue?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images