Fearless Fashion: Rain Boots

I know, I know, I did a post on rain boots last week, but honestly, ‘tis the season right? I showed you splurge vs. save options for rain boots, so now, I’ll show you a few different ways to wear them.

I hate to see women sell themselves short and wear rain boots with sweat pants. Just because it is raining, does not mean that all fashion sense goes out the door. Accept the weather as a challenge, and show Mother Nature that you are in fact better than her.


Of course, a go to way to wear rain boots is the classic and conventional method. If you’re going to wear rain boots with pants, dress it up. I like to throw on a chunky knit sweater and skinny jeans and then wear a pair of colored solid colored rain boots as a means of standing out from the rest of the crowd. Don’t forget a trench coat, the most crucial aspect of a rainy day outfit.


If you’re going to invest in a pair of good rain boots (and please do) you might as well wear them in a different way than you would normally think. Layering a sweater over a button down over a fall/winter skirt gives you the perfect preppy look. This outfit looks good for almost any occasion, so why not wear it on a rainy day?

Just throw on a pair of tights, or over the knee socks (a personal favorite) and your rain boots. Never let the weather limit your creativity and wardrobe options. Never.

Would you wear either of these outfits?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images