Fashion Inspired By: Victoria Beckham

I made several New Year’s Resolutions this year. One: to dress better, every. single. day. (I mean, everyone can always dress better) and two: to broaden my horizons in my style of dress, and channel my inner bad girl.

I’ve always had a preppy and conservative style of dress. I’d define my own personal style as “Classic with a trendy twist”, and it’s worked for me. Sometimes, however, I think about how I’m in my 20s and have all the time in the world to wear blazers and be a grown up. I should dress appropriately for my age.

But wait just one second, my mind tells me, who said that you couldn’t wear your usual androgynous and classic style of dress and still channel your inner bad girl? I mean Victoria Beckham does it all the time. Light bulb.


I’m not going to act like I have the body of Victoria Beckham, because about two people in the world were blessed with those genetics, but home girl kills it. She dresses classically, trendy, and appropriately, all while having crazy sex appeal.

So that’s my resolution. To dress more like Victoria Beckham. In 2013 I will not shy away from the form fitting body con dress. I will embrace an ultra tight skinny pant and blazer combo. I will rock the stilt-like heels as often as possible, and I will always channel my inner fierce diva.


All the while, I’ll pretend that I also look like Victoria Beckham, because it never hurt to daydream.

Would you dress like Victoria Beckham?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images