Fashion Inspired By: Marlene Dietrich

It’s common for people to have an idol: someone they aspire to be like or are inspired by. Personally, I love anything-old Hollywood and every style from the 1920s-1970s. This week, I am inspired by the always androgynous Marlene Dietrich.

If you don’t know, Marlene Dietrich was a German-American actress who was most active during the years of 1919-1984, appearing on stage and on screen. Although she has since passed, Dietrich remains an icon for fashion and has an acting legacy that would be difficult to challenge. One of my favorite quotes is credited to her: "I dress for myself. Not for the image, not for the public, not for the fashion, not for men."

Dietrich’s style has frequently been described as “Femme Fatale”.  She had a knack for pairing masculine pieces such as trousers and blazers with a feminine pair of heels and killer red lips.  Would you dress like Marlene Dietrich?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images