Fashion Inspired By: Emma Watson

I typically reserve my “Fashion Inspired By…” posts for vixens of years past, but I’m going to switch it up a bit. I’ve recently been inspired by one of my favorite modern day film stars: Emma Watson.

There are several female celebrities and socialites who I consistently draw inspiration from each day, and Emma Watson is one of them. She’s come a very long way since her Harry Potter days (by the way… huge fan) and she’s determined to not let the infamous series define her as a person or actress.

Emma Watson has starred in film adaptations of not only my favorite book series, but my favorite book, The Perks of Being A Wallflower. She’s everywhere and hard to ignore, but why would you want to? Her British preppy chic everyday fashions paired with her avant-garde red carpet choices make her a style maven, and I’m completely inspired.

Emma Watson is huge on comfortable chic. She loves layering oversized sweaters over button downs and pairing that with jeans and a good pair of loafers. She also loves the preppy look, adding her own little twist. You’d find Emma Watson in a contrast button down, high waisted shorts, knee socks and oxfords. Don’t forget the trench coat, or any structured coats for that matter. Outerwear plays a huge part in her style.

If you’re attending an event or any evening function, go for a daring cocktail dress. Anything with an unconventional silhouette or loud embellishments worn over a pair of statement heels.

Would you dress like Emma Watson?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images