Fashion Inspired By: Cher Horowitz

All Generation-Y females have seen the movie Clueless and I guarantee that the majority of those who have seen it are obsessed with it. Something about the movie Clueless is addicting. Perhaps it’s the 90’s music, makeover scene or one-liners. Whatever it is, Clueless is a cult classic.

Cher Horowitz, the lead of the movie, is one of my personal idols. She’s naïve and innocent, selfish (in a completely harmless way) but also has a big heart. Her style of dress has inspired me since my youth. The classic prep with a trendy twist style is the personal style that I myself have adopted. This way of dress never goes out of fashion.

This fall, plaid is back, and to preps everywhere, this is good news. Cher always paired her plaid skirts with over the knee tights, a crisp white button down, and a classic blazer or vest. I see no wrong.

Even when Cher was home relaxing she maintained a put together look, proving that you don’t have to look like a slob when you’re simply hanging out around the house.

Would you dress like Cher Horowitz? Actually, why wouldn’t you?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images