Fall Favorites: Dresses

I love how versatile a dress can be. It’s the perfect article of clothing: a dress can be worn through any weather and dressed up, or down, for any occasion. It’s just right for those days where you’re running extremely late and only have time to throw something on last minute, or it can be carefully thought out and perfectly accessorized.

I never limit dresses to one season, and if anything, fall/winter are my most ideal seasons to wear a dress. This upcoming season dresses are allowing females to feel girly and glamorous with an edge. Here are the top four dress styles for fall:


There are very few fabrics that rival the elegance of lace. This style can be worn in any color; any cut and is best paired with simple accessories.


The peplum silhouette is flattering on almost all body types. Giving the illusion of curves, I prefer to wear this style of dress when I feel the need to dress up.


This is without a doubt my favorite fabric for fall. Leather accents are the perfect way to make your outfit a little bit edgier, in an appropriate way.


In addition to the usual darker hues appropriate for fall, this season it’s common to wear jewel-toned colors. This is a great way to brighten up a normally dark outfit while still being appropriate for the season.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images