Elite's Biggest Fashion Don'ts.


Everyone is guilty of a fashion felony. We’ve all had some moments we’re not particularly proud off; these are now the skeletons in our closets. It’s impossible to expect people to be at their best at all times, but here’s hoping.

As Elite Daily has brought you the biggest Fashion Do’s for fall, we feel it’s only appropriate to enlighten our readers with the fashion dont’s as well. These are the things that make us cringe, and send more shivers down our spine than the grim reaper.

These are the biggest fashion dont’s everyone should avoid:


Okay girls, and unfortunately some boys, it’s time to retire the Ugg boots. We understand they’re comfortable and we understand they’re warm. However, unless you live in the Arctic, style should come before warmth. Nowadays, people pair Uggs with everything; bathing suits, booty shorts, dresses, the hideous list continues. The only place Uggs should be worn is nowhere.

However, because we at Elite are environmentally conscience, we would never want you to just throw your Uggs away. So, we’ve come up with recycling alternatives:

You can use your Uggs as oven mitts, use them as a beer holder, turn them inside out and use them as a duster, bedazzle them and use them as a puppet, or use them to steady your uneven coffee table.

Bubble Jackets

Ways in which bubble jackets are practical -- in case you find yourself often falling from great heights, you have a perma-parachute attached. In case your dog just gave birth it would be a cute way to keep a litter of six warm. In case you ever have a Cast Away moment you can use it as an inflatable raft. And finally, in case all of the comforters in your house suddenly go missing, you can use it as a blanket.

Other then the above mentioned reasons; there is no excuse to walk around looking like a human garbage bag.

Arm Party

Not to name names, but I happen to absolutely love the girl who coined this term. I also happen to admire her sense of style because it’s fucking genius. However, just because one girl can pull a look off, does not, by any means, mean that you can too.

Putting on fifty bracelets on each wrist, doesn’t make you trendy, it makes you a TSA liability. The time you can save if you didn’t put on every bracelet you own, can be time used to go revamp your wardrobe so perhaps your look would actually work.

School Spirit

This one is a biggy. Wearing your alma mater clothing to the gym is fine, perhaps even to the corner deli if massive sunglasses and a hat accompany it so nobody recognizes you, but wearing hoodies or t-shirts with your school name on them for any other reason literally gives me a mini-stroke every time I see it.

We understand life happens. Maybe its laundry day and you have nothing else to wear, maybe you’ve been robbed and all of your appropriate clothing is gone. In these situations, sit home, shop online and wait for your local UPS guy to bring you something you can walk out of your house in.

Muffin Tops

The only time we want to see muffins is alongside our morning coffee. Otherwise, please, please, buy clothes that actually fit so your jeans don’t look like the tin holding that muffin in place. Not only is this unattractive, but when paired with a cropped shirt (like it usually is for whatever reason) it can literally make onlookers semi-suicidal.

Gayana Sarkisova | Elite.