Edgy Jewelry

This past year it has been common to see unconventional accents on accessories and jewelry: skulls, spikes, studs, etc., have been seen on more feminine girls than one would think. This “tough-girl-chic” style seems to be going strong through this fall.

The thing that I like about "tough-girl-chic" jewelry is that it's a way to subtly experiment with a different style, without shocking everyone. All of my friends and family know what my personal style is. I even have people say things like "That's such an Ally shirt." because I always dress a very specific way: classic with a trendy twist.


If I were to show up to an event wearing combat boots and all black, no one would know how to react. Sometimes I do want to try out those styles. It seems fun to have a dark side, and that is why I love edgy jewelry. A pair of heels with spikes on them is edgy without being overwhelming, a bracelet with a skull on it is quirky and cool.

Would you ever wear spikes or skulls?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images