CFDA x eBay: You Can’t Fake Fashion


Counterfeiting has been a major issue internationally for countless years. Cracking down on this injustice has become a full time priority for authorities throughout the past couple of years now, and the CFDA is not letting the movement stop there.

eBay is a website where the majority of counterfeit bags are sold online. Realizing this issue, the online bidding site has teamed up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to try and help stop counterfeiting.

Together, the two organizations have begun to raise awareness to the issue by creating a ‘You Can’t Fake Fashion’ campaign. 90 designers have teamed up to customize one of a kind tote bags to help raise awareness to the issue of counterfeiting and to celebrate original designs of bags.

These bags, which went online yesterday, are available for auction on eBay through March 25th. Bidding begins at $100 for designer bags, but the standard canvas tote is available at a ‘Buy It Now’ price for $50. Proceeds from this auction will help benefit the CFDA Foundation to help support this cause.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images