The Five Biggest Fashion Trends of 2012


Well, we’re all here. The world in fact did not end (shocker), so I guess that recapping 2012’s past events seems more acceptable now that we know that 2013 is coming very soon.

Each year a number of trends take off and make their way into women’s closets everywhere. Trends can either make sense, or be slightly confusing, but 2012 surprisingly had more good trends than bad.

Here are a round up of, in my opinion, 2012’s most popular fashion trends:


A trend that still holds a dear place in my heart, the peplum trend was the best thing to happen to girls with no curves, aka me, since… ever.


Well… this isn’t my favorite fashion trend. I personally don’t care for bright neon colors, but there’s no denying that this summer neon everything was literally everywhere.


I wear leather 2-3 times a week, and I’m so excited that it’s sticking around for a second season this spring.

Statement Prints

Loud statement prints were everywhere in 2012. Digitized prints, floral prints, printed pants, you name it, everything was loud and proud.

Embellished Collars

Everywhere you turn you can see a studded or pearl encrusted collar peeping out underneath layered sweaters. I’m not complaining.

Which one of these trends was your favorite in 2012?

Ally | Elite.