Are Big Proportions Coming Back to Fashion Next Fall?

The speed of changing trends in the fashion world may be faster than the speed of light. It is the beginning of Spring, when all we think about is getting out of our chunky winter clothing, and finally putting on that flowy Carolina Herrera dress, paired with some strappy Jimmy Choo sandals, and…boom! The fashion world introduces us to Fall trends.

Regardless, we fashion lovers have all been following European Fashion Weeks. One trend that caught everyone’s interest was the renaissance of chunky coats. Some coats make models look nearly as wide as they were tall.

Carine Roitfeld, former editor of French Vogue and style icon, confirmed the trend by wearing gigantic Max Mara camel coat to the show. The piece was quite unique because it was made using an old-fashioned machine that felts camel’s wool. There are only 24 machines like that left in the fashion world, and Max Mara owns a few of them.

Eva | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images