Beyonce’s Incredible Half Time Performance Costume

I know that every single one of you Generation-Y females (even males) we’re in Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child heaven last night during the Super Bowl’s Half Time Performance.

In my very earnest opinion, Beyoncé’s performance was the greatest Half Time performance I’ve seen in recent memory, and that’s not just because I worship the woman.

She was completely energetic, choreographed to perfection, and that costume was the best black leather ensemble I’ve seen to date.

Beyoncé aided costume designer Rubin Singer in designing the black leather bodysuit, removable motorcycle jacket and flounce skirt with Chantilly lace details earlier on in December.

The costume was, in part, based off the designer’s upcoming fall 2013 collection called "Valkyrie’s Dominion," which was inspired by Norse mythology’s dominant female warriors.

The costume took over 14 workers and 200 man-hours to complete. 14 separate fittings were also required to get the ensemble to be just perfect.

I definitely see the connection, and if there was a dominant female warrior in our modern day times, it’s Queen B.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images