Anja Rubik and Giuseppe Zanotti: The Capsule Collection

There is just something about collaborations in fashion, if paired well they complement each other like a cup of tea and a macaroon complement a lovely afternoon. The latest collaboration will be sure to complement your shoe closet just as well.

Busy bee beauty Anja Rubik, who despite being a successful model, wife (yes, that is considered an occupation), and a magazine owner,  has had the time to turn her attention to shoe design.

Anja has collaborated with the famous Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti to release a capsule collection. While the collection will consist only of five pieces, Rubik has been closely involved in the design process. Rubik’s musical favorites Debie Harry and David Bowie inspired the suede and leather heels in the collection.

While the launch date has not been released yet, it keeps me wondering: Are those shoes also going to give you Anja Rubik’s mile long legs? If yes, please, put me on the list!

Eva | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images