Alexander Wang's Interchangeable Bag


Alexander Wang has been all over the news lately, and just in time for the release of perhaps the most interesting handbag on the market: The Pelican Sling. The Pelican Sling is essentially an interchangeable handbag.

A convertible cross-body leather pouch, that comes with four interchangeable skins. That’s right. If you’re sick of the color or texture of your handbag, but still are fond of said handbag, you can simply change the skin of the bag.

The Pelican Sling comes in four different coverlets, stingray, ostrich, water snake and eel. Sounds great right? There has to be a catch.

Each cover retails separately and range in price from $275 to $975, in addition to the bags $925 price tag.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images