The 4 Most Comfortable Types Heels

by Ally Batista

What woman doesn’t love heels? If you’re anything like me, you immediately feel more glamorous and feminine with a pair of heels on. If I could, I would wear heels everyday, for every occasion. Actually, most of the time, I do.

If you’re lucky, and you’ve invested in a more expensive pair, your feet won’t start hurting for an hour or two. However, most of the time heels cause instant pain and make the wearer want to abandon their footwear within the first half hour.

There is a solution. Certain shoes with height are actually comfortable, proving that you can combine fashion and function. I own several pairs that I can walk in all day, everyday. Here are the most comfortable types of heels you can purchase.


This is my best pick for summer. A wedge combines heels and platforms, distributing your weight and support throughout your entire foot as if you’re walking on flat ground.


I never purchase heels without a platform. The platform rests at the bottom of the front part of the shoe (blending in with the entire shoe) and helps elevate your entire foot, not just the heel.  Although platform stilettos don’t have the complete coverage of a wedge, they create the illusion of walking on 3 inches, even if you’re wearing a shoe with a 4 ½ in heel.

Thick/Cone Heel

A thicker heel obviously gives the heel of your foot more support than a thin stiletto would.  Conical shaped heels also aid in relief.

Ankle Bootie

This type of shoe is my personal favorite for fall. It has a cold weather feel, and the shoe covers and supports your entire foot. Opt for an ankle bootie with a sturdy heel.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images