What Will 2013 Bring Us In The Fashion World?

As you all know, fashion is ever changing. Trends come and go, and then go full circle. Now that 2012 has left us, let’s leave 2012’s fashions behind and start incorporating what 2013 brings, into our closets.

The Spring/Summer seasons are rapidly approaching. Although the weather in New York City is currently sub-zero (or at least feels like it), the fashion timeline is a little more advanced than others.

Start thinking about these 2013 fashion trends:

Chic-Rain Gear


In 2013, purchase a chic and standout raincoat. Something different that you’ve never worn before. Branch out from the classic beige trench coat, and opt for a more exciting style of outerwear for the ever so pleasant Spring weather.

Negative Colors


2012 was all about bold colors (who can ever forget the neon trend?), but let’s do less bright in 2013. Surprisingly, but much to my excitement, black and white is all the rage for spring/summer. Ring in the warm weather with a monochromatic white ensemble, or opt for a black and white contrasting digital print.

Long Vests And Pant Suits


Blazers will never be out of style, and the pantsuit has been a favorite amongst the androgynous females for decades, so in 2013, don’t be afraid to get professional. Tailored pantsuits (specifically in black or lace textured fabrics) are something you should plan on investing on.

Also, try wearing a long tuxedo vest in lieu of a blazer with a short sleeve t-shirt and pants this spring. You’ll be the envy of every female in the room with an outfit inspired by power and strength.

More Leather


Don’t pack away your leather just yet. Spring/Summer will graciously accept all leather-trimmed pieces, shorts, and even harnesses in 2013.



Similar to that of a floral print, 2013’s Spring/Summer season will take inspiration from landscapes in the form of tropical prints.

Greek-Inspired Silhouettes


Grecian draping and one-shouldered dresses inspired many gowns and cocktail dresses for the 2013 Spring/Summer season.



Perhaps the most feminine of all textiles, lace pushes itself into the spotlight, utilizing itself into dresses, pants and blouses everywhere.

When will you start shopping for 2013?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images