17 Fashion And Beauty Resolutions You Should Definitely Make In 2016 (Photos)

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When it comes to fashion and beauty, I'm a creature of habit.

I have a uniform for each season, including deep jewel tones for fall and stripes and bold prints for spring.

I like to think of it as knowing what works and what doesn't.

Every year, I make the new year's resolution to change my body over the next 12 months (spoiler alert: I never do).

For this coming year, however, I'm making the promise to switch up my look.

Honestly, we all have those specific beauty and fashion risks we constantly see on Instagram but never dare try.

1. Finally perfecting the elusive cat eye.

This year will be the year you master the most difficult trick of all: winged liner.

2. Buy quality pajamas and wear them when you're home alone.

Treat yourself to a nice set of jammies, even if the only one who will see them is your cat.

3. Get more than just a trim at your salon.

4. Buy things that actually fit you.

5. Cheat on your nude lipstick with a crazy color.

6. Wear heels more, and not just to the club.

7. Switch up your LBD wardrobe.

8. Get a super sexy set of undies.

9. Make a reasonable attempt to fix your badly chipped nails.

Don't just wait until the rest miraculously chips away. Get that mani.

10. Get pedicures every season, not just the summer.

In the off chance someone does, you don't want to set him or her running with your nasty toe claws.

11. Get a (fake) piercing.

Get a faux ring and sport it for concerts or to freak out your boss on Monday.

12. Invest in a utilitarian going-out clutch.

13. Wear more wild prints.

14. Invest in wardrobe staples.

15. Stop buying sh*t for lying around and invest in more mature pieces.

16. Learn how to fill in your brows.

17. Ditch anything tested on animals.

Opt for those, instead of the companies that think hurting bunnies is okay.