Lifestyle — How To Wear Your Favorite Summer Clothes This Fall

I love fall. I love when the leaves change colors. I love when everything in the supermarket suddenly has pumpkin spice written all over it, and I love when I get to roll out of bed, put on an oversized sweater and still can be called “fashionable.”

In my earlier years, I would embrace fall all year round. Even in 90-degree weather, you would find me sporting an all-black ensemble with a jacket.

But, as I've learned to embrace my inner fashionista and added a lot more color to my closet, my fall wardrobe options have definitely dwindled. And my bank account would sure appreciate a little recycling of my summer favorites.

So here's some advice for how to keep that summer feeling in your fall wardrobe:

Toughen Up

Adding a leather element to a traditional summer outfit is an easy way to give your wardrobe a fall effect. Try looking for statement pieces like jackets or pants to really maximize this trick.

Take A Tip From Your Dad

Your dad may have been onto something when he wore socks and sandals out of the house many years ago. Instead of tossing your open-toed shoes in the back of the closet, bring them back to life with colorful socks.

Try a chunky, knit sock for a more hipster vibe and a sheer or lacy pair to bring back that '80s feeling.

Darken Up Your Beauty Routine

Maybe you're not ready to take the plunge into full-on fall fashion. That's OK. Sometimes the best (and cheapest) way to switch up your wardrobe for the season is to simply go for darker eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polish.

Try adding brown, red or even a dark purple to your beauty routine and be prepared for some serious compliments.

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