6 Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends To Suit Women Of Any Body Type

It’s difficult to figure out the best fall fashion trends of 2014 when there are a million resources with different opinions. Some say the trend is short skirts; others say long skirts. Some vote dark colors; others vote bright colors. Whatever the opinion, I find it is more about what looks good on YOU than on anyone else because let’s face it: Your body isn’t like anyone else’s. You and a friend may both be a size four, but have different proportions, or certain trends look better on tall people (or short people). While searching through countless clothing websites, stores, boutiques and magazines, I find the following prominent trends to be appropriate for any body type.

Bold colors: red, green and burgundy

Bright red and emerald green are two big colors for fall and look good with any skin tone and hair color. Just don’t pair the two together, unless you're dressing for Christmas. Burgundy is another big one, from skirts to ankle boots to scarves and accessories. Your skin becomes paler in the winter, and these colors will warm up your skin tone. Pair this color with light pink, cream, mustard yellow or black.

Animal print

Leopard is hot and always will be, but a few years ago, there was leopard on EVERYTHING, even leggings and jumpsuits (gross). Animal print is a statement trend that should not be upstaged, but when used successfully shows that you have style and attitude. Use it wisely and in moderation, preferably on pieces like a small clutch, pointy pumps, gold-accented bracelets or a lightweight scarf.

Ankle boots

Anyone can wear ankle boots; it just matters how you wear them. Thin legs look great in ankle boots paired with skirts, and thick legs look best with ankle boots paired with cuffed skinny or straight-cut jeans. Cuffing jeans shows off the shoes, and that’s exactly what you want. Trendy shoes deserve the spotlight.

Handle bags

Gone is the slouchy bag, bucket bag and cross-body. Handbags were once the original purse, and now structured bags are at the forefront with the main focus being the handles. Plus, they come in all sizes, from those small enough to be a clutch to those large enough to carry work supplies. Your handbag is a statement, so invest in one you'll want to wear every day.

Knit and more knit

Knit sweaters are essential in the fall, but knit everything is the new trend. Coats, dresses, skirts and pants are all going knit. Just a few rules of thumb on this one: Avoid pairing chunky knits together or it will overwhelm your frame, regardless of how tall you think you are. Focus on one knit piece, like a thin knit sweater with jeans, or a chunky knit coat with leather leggings and boots. Knit is a delicate statement piece, so pair it with something tough.

Midi skirt

I personally find it too cold to wear mini skirts in the fall unless they’re paired with tights and boots (and often even then it’s too cold), which is why I find midi skirts to be a great option. They not only cover more leg (good for cold weather), they also work well on all body types, and can be worn at almost any occasion, from the office to evenings out. Find a midi skirt with a bold pattern like geometric shapes and lines, and pair it with pumps or ankle boots.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It