Woman Has Inspiring Message For Stranger Who Called Her Boobs 'Saggy'

Let me just say up top, people need to stop commenting on other people's bodies. It seriously makes me want to bang my head against the wall. It accomplishes nothing.

I think Michelle Kirk, a mom and runner from Florida who got boob-shamed while she was running, would agree.

Kirk, who is from Florida and has an 18-month-old daughter, posted a selfie on Facebook after a man stopped her during her marathon training to tell her she needs to get a new sports bra.

Excuse me, guy, sounds like you need to get a new life. Zing! Just kidding, her response on Facebook was way better.

The man, who literally got off his bicycle to deliver this super important message, apparently said, "Your boobs are sagging... They are already headed south. I don't think you want that."

The fuck, dude?

Kirk had her daughter in the stroller with her during this interaction and chose wisely not to confront the body shamer too strongly. But, she did snap a quick selfie, flipping the bird to him and other body-shamers everywhere. In her Facebook post, she writes,

You are the reason why women have insecurities. If you don't like the way my boobs 'sag' when I run, then don't look.

Preach. This runner will never let some asshole on a bike knock her spirit.

Seriously, I know personally about having saggy boobs and if anyone shamed me for it, I'd probably give him or her the finger via Facebook post too. And maybe probably in person.

It's so important for women of all ages and sizes to keep spreading body positive messages like this. Don't miss the comments below her photo. One of the best parts about positive messages like this one is seeing support from other women.

You can see the full Facebook post below.

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