The Planner: 9 Struggles The Responsible Girl Of The Group Will Get

by Ashley Fern

It's Friday afternoon, the clock is approaching 4 pm and all of your thoughts have shifted from work to your nightly plans. You have mentally checked out of the office and know the only thing you will be focusing on until you leave will be figuring out the itinerary for the night that lies ahead of you.

Sure, any of your friends could be doing this too, but as you've seen over the past years, it all falls on you.

So instead of trying to recruit anyone to help you, you suck it up and embrace your role. I mean, the best way to get invited to the party is to create the party, right?

Sometimes it can be fun, other times it can be stressful and every single time it will drain your phone battery. But hey, it's a job and somebody's got to do it, so why not let it be you?

So, what are some of the struggles you are forced to deal with?

1. The complaints

"But I want to go here..."

"So and so is going here..."

If these people don't like the plans, why don't they take the initiative themselves instead of complaining about every single little detail? They know very well they aren't going to lead any kind of movement because that just isn't in their nature.

Sure, they may Irish exit to whatever destination their current hookup is located, but you know they will be basing their night around whatever destination you choose.

2. The back and forth

"Does this time work for you?"

"No, what about this time?"

"OK, final call -- this time."

And so it goes when trying to make plans with a large group of people. Actually, plans between three or more people tend to go this way.

Nothing really ever seems to fit everyone's schedule, so the back and forth goes on and on until you settle on the standard time: 10:30 pm. Why is this still an issue? Because that's just the way things work in girl world.

3. The indecisiveness

Do you want to go out? Do you not want to go out? Are your friends answering or aren't they? Is it snowing or raining outside? Would you rather watch Netflix on your couch?

These are all of the thoughts that go through your friends' minds when debating a night out. The worst part is that it completely throws you off your schedule and, thus, theirs.

4. The actual act of being on time

You have done all you could up until this point. You made the necessary calls, sent the texts and even double-checked with all your friends. The rest is up to them and, sadly, that is not a good thing.

It doesn't matter how many times you checked and re-checked your plans, at least two members of the group will always be late -- or worse: no shows.

5. The one person who tries to persuade the group

The fact that this girl has never once attempted to make plans on behalf of the group doesn't stop her from combating every one of your ideas.

It would be one thing if she offered to help or suggest something, but instead she tries to manipulate members of the group to do what she wants.

This makes absolutely no sense because all she needed to do is offer up this idea to everyone and see what they all think. Isn't that easier than going behind someone's back?

6. The exhaustion

You haven't even gone out for the night and you're ready to call it a day. The mental exhaustion that comes with trying to plan for a group just gets worse and worse as the day goes on.

Sure it may be 8 pm and your friends are all hyped and getting ready, but the only thing you want to do is curl up and go to sleep. Too bad you can't since you orchestrated the entire evening.

7. The pressure

Since you're the one who made the plans, it's all on you if your friends have fun or not. It's a pretty sh*tty responsibility because it's not like they had any other options in the first place.

Hmm, what sounds better... following an actual plan or making no moves and ending up hanging out on your couch all night? Well, now that you put it that way...

8. The questions

"Who's going to be there?"

"What are you wearing?"

"Blah, blah, blah..."

It's difficult enough trying to make plans, but when ridiculous, incessant questions come flooding in, it's enough to just throw in the towel. At this age, if you have to ask what someone else is wearing to go to a bar, you need some help.

Wear whatever you want! It's not as if whatever the person you are asking is going to determine your fashion choice anyway. And why would your friend make plans if sh*tty people were going to be around? Exactly.

9. The lack of responses

I'm not sure which is worse: the questions or lack of responses. One of the more annoying aspects of trying to plan for a group is when no one in the group responds.

This either means one of two things: your "friends" are having another conversation behind your back or no one actually cares enough to provide any input for discussion. And, honestly, which of the two is worse?