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8 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Realizes She Isn't Going To Orgasm

It's not an uncommon problem for a woman to struggle to finish. The female sexual anatomy is a bit more complicated than that of a man's, and furthermore, different things work for different vaginas.

Having said that, there is nothing more frustrating than working for an orgasm that will never come. Women love to finish what they've started, but what goes through their minds when they can't?

Gentlemen, listen up because these are eight thoughts that every woman has when she can't finish, but will probably never say out loud:

1. “Don't show your frustration.”

It's frustrating when one partner doesn't finish. It's frustrating for everyone.

But if you show your frustration, it can completely kill the mood. In most instances, a woman will know you're frustrated, and that thought crossing her mind could also take her out of the moment. Although you can't control her thoughts, do your best to make her feel comfortable.

2. “Please do not be offended.”

Sometimes the cliché, "It's not you, it's me" is actually applicable. Although men do play a big part in a woman's orgasm, it's a two-way street. If a woman is stuck in her thoughts, feeling insecure and can't completely be in the moment, it will be difficult for her to climax.

It can be hard to not think it's your fault, but sometimes, you can't take it personally.

3. “I'm doing my best.”

She knows it's not all on you to make her orgasm. She knows many factors go into the buildup of her orgasm, and sometimes, even the slightest thought or action can take her out of the moment.

She wants this just as much, if not more so, than you do, so don't think she is just waiting for it to happen. You are both working toward the same end goal here.

4. “I still liked it.”

Many women will still enjoy sex without climaxing. Of course, an orgasm takes it to another level, but being close to you, kissing you and feeling you inside her is also pretty incredible.

5. "This is good. Keep going."

If she says something is good, don't stop, but also don't change it up in terms of the pace.

Sometimes speeding up or slowing down will cause her to lose momentum, and it can put that big O just a little bit further out of reach.

6. “I know it's difficult."

As mentioned before, a lot of factors go into the female orgasm, and she knows it can get complicated while she's trying to climax. She also understands that sometimes these things just happen, and sometimes they don't.

7. “It may be no one's fault.”

If you can both honestly say you tried and worked at it, there should be no reason to blame yourselves. She won't blame you or herself for not being able to get off, and she expects you to do the same. If you have to blame someone, maybe blame Jack Daniels.

8. “Keep trying.”

So, maybe you can tell you were getting close, and then you took a step back. A step back doesn't mean there is no chance of her finishing anymore. And if it doesn't happen on this occasion, who's to say it won't happen next time?

Make her feel safe, and put in the work. Just as your ego may be bruised, so is your lady's, so don't go in blind. Read up, find out what works and then try out your new tricks together. It can be awkward, but sex is important in a relationship. And good sex? Even more so.