No Drama: 10 Reasons Why A Girl Will Always Love Her Guy Friends

by Jackie Marciniak

I've never been the type of person to have problems with people. I'd also like to think I am pretty open-minded and easy to get along with. Sure, there were a few girls I didn't get along with in high school, but that ultimately had no effect on me.

Well, that all changed during my sophomore year of college. Two girls, whom I thought were my best friends, completely shocked me when they let stupid, petty fights get in the way of our friendship.

I was no longer included when they planned to go out on Friday nights; I was ignored when we ate dinner together.

When I finally reached my breaking point, it occurred to me that this was all just pointless girl drama beyond any chance of resolution. One of the girls even took it so far as trying to flirt with the guy I liked in front of my face, which completely pushed me over the edge.

Throughout this whole ordeal, I realized why I mostly surround myself with guys. With them, there is no such thing as stupid arguments ending friendships.

The only things they fight about are not accepting someone else's trade offer in fantasy football and who gets the first shot in beer pong. Plus, those fights could easily get resolved with a few laughs and beers.

I think every college girl needs a few guy friends to rely on to help her stay grounded and not succumb to the everyday girl drama. I am so lucky and blessed to have such a great group of guys in my life who accept and love me for who I am.

Here are 10 reasons why I wouldn't trade my guy friends for anything:

1. I can talk to them about almost everything (except PMS, which is hardly surprising).

2. I can count on them to tell me when the guy to whom I'm talking is no good for me.

3. They don't mind when I'm drunk, crying on their shoulders, leaving streaks of mascara on their white shirts.

4. They'll offer me raw, honest advice I might not get from girlfriends who are too "afraid to hurt my feelings."

5. I can eat buffalo wings in front of them without worrying that my fingers and face are covered in sauce.

6. They'll even pretend to be my boyfriend when a creepy guy is trying to hit on me at a party.

7. I can ask them to order pizza with me at 1 am and they'll almost always say yes.

8. They offer their opinions on my current guy situation, whether I want their advice or not.

9. They let me watch sports with them and listen to me when I have a comment about the game.

10. A few of them even accept the fact that I can drink them under the table.

I'm not saying you should cut off your girlfriends because the few true female friends I do have are absolutely fabulous and I love them to death.

Every girl needs her gal pals for shopping trips, mani/pedis and wine nights filled with gossip and laughter.

But, sometimes, it is refreshing to have a male perspective on certain topics. Having guy best friends is like having a bunch of brothers who always look out for you. They always have your back and your best interest in mind.

They'll be there for you when your heart is broken and you need a shoulder to cry on. They'll crack terrible, corny jokes just to cheer you up after a rough day.

After they attempt to make you laugh and realize their jokes aren't cutting it, they'll even hand you their last can of Natty Light to try to make your awful day better.

If that isn't true friendship, then I don't know what is.