Even Oprah Makes Mistakes: Old Clip Advocates The Worst Of 80s Outfits (Video)

Having been filmed way before the advent of only-there-for-a-moment Snapchats, a TV segment Oprah did in the 1980s is now coming back to haunt her via YouTube for the world to see.

In the 1988 clip, Oprah advises women on how to keep the coveted "hourglass" figure. That physique might still be desired today, but her tactics for achieving and maintaining it are clearly straight from an outmoded, 1980s-era playbook.

Oprah receives guidance from two other show consultations, who suggest different ways to give the body bigger shape — otherwise, they claim, it's "hard to look sexy."

They all suggest the over-sized belt and puffy shoulder pads to bulk up the body in other areas, thus giving the impression of a smaller waist and that sensual hourglass figure.

What, don't you in fact want to "be a 'v'"? Although here's a tip that we women still utilize today: put on stilettos to "pick up the rear end, and push it out." That's some solid advice to start you off on your weekend escapades, ladies.

A fashion faux pas this epic is perhaps proof that the God-like Oprah can actually do something wrong.