Emma Watson's Feminist Dating Advice Is The Only Dating Advice You Need


Emma Watson has an important message for the Tinder generation: Respect goes both ways.

In a Facebook-broadcast interview for the UN's HeForShe initiative on March 8, the actress and Goodwill Ambassador elaborated on a year that made her a formidable feminist icon.

Between the viral speech she gave in the fall and her continued work on behalf of women, Watson preaches a liveable version of feminism advocating equality for all.

While on the subject of dating, Watson gave the most practical advice. It's so straightforward, you'll wonder why you've never tried it.

She emphasized the importance of mutual politeness and a willingness to discuss any subjects that make you both uncomfortable.

By addressing issues as they arise, you're bonding and forging ahead in gender equality.

Opening the door should be for everyone.

Paying for dinner isn't the end of the world for either person.

Having the conversation about why you feel uncomfortable is the first step toward progress.

Chivalry is a two-way street.

Watson's full, hour-long interview is grounded and enlightening.


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