#BFF: 8 Types Of Girlfriends You're Sure To Have In Your Post-Grad Days

As I scroll through my Facebook news feed that's now flooded with 2014 graduation pictures, I remember myself on that day two years ago.

It felt surreal and I worried about keeping in touch with the people I'd no longer see on a daily basis.

Like most, I ended up remaining in touch with many friends, losing touch with others and making some new friends, too.

These are a few types of post-grad friendships I've encountered. See if you can relate:

The College-Friend-Turned Acquaintance

Maybe it's because your tight-knit circles only overlapped a little bit, or maybe it's because she's entering her senior year of college while you enter the workforce.

Regardless, you'll start to talk, visit and Skype less, essentially pulling a slow fade away from your relationship. It will bug you for a long time because you used to be so close, but at the end of the day, you'll accept it for what it is.

The College-Acquaintance-Turned-Friend

It's frustrating when 90 percent of your college friends move to NYC and you're off somewhere else. Take this chance to reach out to the alumni in your city that you kind of knew from undergrad. You might find that you have more in common than a hatred for that one history professor.

The Internet Friend

You Gchat at work regularly and maybe text, but you hardly ever talk on the phone or hang out. Maybe it's because you live in different cities, or maybe it's because the only thing you really have in common is your 40-hour-plus work week.

The Friend Crush

She's the girl in your spin class who seems really cool, but you've never hung out. You feel like a huge creep when you finally work up the nerve to ask if she wants to grab coffee sometime. She accepts, and you immediately have 1,000 times more respect for the last guy who asked you on a first date.

The Work Best Friend

This is your go-to gal for morning coffee runs, Excel questions that you don't want to ask your boss, post-work happy hours and debating where to go for lunch, even though it's only 11 am.

The Glory Days Girl

This girl can't let go of the college lifestyle, whether that manifests itself in regularly drinking on weeknights, considering flip cup a hobby or being a little too invested in your sorority's new pledge class. You may be on different levels a lot of the time, but when you're not, she's the best person to let loose with.

The Missed Connection

This is the friend-of-a-friend you see at social gatherings every few months. You don't have that much in common, but after a few drinks, you always hit it off and slur something along the lines of "weeeeshouldhangout." Neither of you follow up.

The LDR: Friendship Edition

You move to different cities after college but still talk regularly. She knows about the project that's frustrating you at work, your bad first date last week and your summer vacation plans (to visit her, obviously). Friends that remain just as close, despite distance, are keepers.

Photo via Tumblr