4 Easy, Super Cute Ways To Style Your Awkwardly Grown-Out Bangs

A few weeks ago, I impulsively decided to get bangs. There wasn't much logic or thinking behind the decision beyond the idea that they'd look so cute.

They did look cute. Really cute. But only for about three days. After that, I had to wash them and now, they resemble limp, overcooked noodles.

As a result, I've started looking for new ways to push them back and as far away from my face as possible. The only thing worse than limp noodles are limp noodles that constantly dangle in front of your face.

Celine Rahman

My hunt for inspiration led me to none other than Jennifer Matos, stylist at Rita Hazan in New York City. She showed me four easy hairstyles that not only get the pesky, unfortunate fringe out of my face, but also look totally badass. Better yet, each style is so easy even I can do it, which is definitely saying something. I can barely braid my own hair.

Here's what she came up with.

The I-Can-Barely-Braid Twist

Celine Rahman

Start by sectioning off the hair along your crown.

Next, run a sculpting cream through your bangs to give them a bit more malleability and hold. Begin twisting and rolling along the hairline and away from the face. Keep the twist as tight as you can, otherwise pieces will escape and it'll look like you're way more hungover than you really are.

To hide the twist, pin it back behind your ear. Use two bobby pins, criss-cross, for maximum hold.  Matos suggests hair spraying each bobby pin instead of the twist itself.

Celine Rahman

Finally, curl your hair for extra texture and a Little Mermaid vibe.

The So-Basic-Even-I-Can-Do-It Braid

Celine Rahman

Section your hair across the crown. Work a pomade through your bangs for extra hold, and start braiding along your hairline. Make the braid ultra-tight — you can loosen it later.

Use a clear hair elastic at the end of the braid, and do that criss-cross bobby pin trick to secure the braid behind your ear.

Celine Rahman

You can keep the braid tight or loosen it with a comb for a more casual vibe. If your hair is on day four, pull it back into a ponytail using a clear hair elastic.

The Bad Bitch Braid

Celine Rahman

This one is hands-down my favorite. I like that it looks way more complicated than it is.

Find the middle part of your hair by following the bridge of your nose back. Next, section hair (mohawk-style) with duck clips on either side of your head. Be sure you use a pomade on both sections of the mohawk, as it hydrates the braid.

Braid both sections, pressing down as close to your scalp as possible to avoid any puffiness and volume. Then, tie the braids together with a clear elastic.

Celine Rahman

You can leave the look as is, or create a little topknot at the crown of your head. Be sure to tease your mini-bun prior to securing with bobby pins. Spritz some dry texturing spray on the rest of your hair and curl.

The '90s Throwback

Celine Rahman

Bobby pins are a trend both on the runway and off, and always look chic. They're also easy to work into your hair.

Using a set of bobby pins that contrast with to your hair color (we used black on my dirty blonde hair) criss-cross the pins along your hairline. Be sure to slick everything back using a gel serum to prevent flyaways.

There's a whole world of possibility for you and your messed up bangs, and you don't even need to be a stylist to DIY it.

Here's to making better bang decisions this summer.