17 Dumb Products Marketed To Women For Absolutely No Reason

Target might have just removed its gender classifications for toys, but as ladies, we can expect to be on the weird end of marketing gimmicks everywhere. Special pink razors? Sure, why not. Women’s yoga mats? Not that weird. Pens? Yeah, okay.

Sure, bizarre marketing goes both ways — men get their unfair share of weird sh*t, too — but we’re taught the stuff our gender buys should always be different.

In all honesty, there is virtually no difference between my 5-blade razor and my (imaginary) boyfriend’s except mine’s hot pink, because obviously, all girls like pink.

This kind of gender-specific marketing doesn't just happen with razors. I can spend all day talking about unfair beauty standards our society places on women.

We're told we need to fix flaws we didn’t even know we had and accentuate body parts we'd much rather keep to ourselves -- vajazzling, I'm looking at you.

We haven’t even gotten to the truly off-the-wall batsh*t stuff yet. See below:

1. Pens

If J.K. Rowling had one of these when she started writing "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," maybe she would have gotten more than seven books done! Get it together, JKR.

2. Guns

Because pink guns kill…adorably? Does it come with pastel colored bullets, too?

3. Cars

We all secretly harbor a desire to be Barbie, so a pink Mini Cooper is obviously on our wish list. Now, more importantly, where’s Ken?

4. Cleaning supplies

Are we really still stuck in 1950s "Mad Men"? God forbid we feature a man doing the housework.

5. Journals

If your thoughts aren't written on pink scented paper in gel pen, do they even count as thoughts? Can I get some expert feedback on that?

 6. Boyfriend pillows

As long as he doesn’t hog the covers or go on my side of the bed, I'm cool with this one. Can I change his shirt, though? Actually, better yet, can he be shirtless and have the body of David Beckham? If he's a fake boyfriend, he better be nice to look at.

7. Emergency bras

It’s a bra that turns into a gas mask, which is admittedly not the worst concept ever. Still, why? Are you supposed to just rip this thing off in public when there’s an attack? Wouldn’t you just be giving everyone a free show? Basically, no. Just no.

8. Razors

I like my leg hair wrapped up in a pretty pink bow, too.

9. Body wash

The dude version doesn’t get us extra clean. But seriously, guy’s body washes usually smell better and don't have that weird fake flowery scent that women's washes do.

10. Perfume

Personally, I find unisex scents way sexier on both men and women than the fruity, floral kind. Steal one from your boyfriend, dad or friend and fall in love -- or whatever it is ladies in perfume commercials do.

11. Deodorant

Girls don’t sweat, fart or emit any body odor whatsoever, so we can just mask our smells with pretty laundry scents. Because, duh, we just love laundry.

12. Yogurt

Name one ad (excluding any featuring John Stamos) where a man is featured eating yogurt. Go.

13. Boob pillows

At least you know your boyfriend pillow won’t judge you. If you're worried about boob wrinkles, there are creams, lotions and serums for that.

14. Vajazzling

If you're lucky enough to see our naughty bits, you don't need any diamond arrows pointing you in the right direction.

15. Hair softeners

Hey, if we're f*cking and I'm raking my hands through your hair, there better not be any knots in that mane of yours. In turn, I'll do the same. Deal?

16. Socks

Girls are supposed to have dainty feet. Everybody knows that.

17. Origami

The only thing girls are capable of folding is laundry, remember?