Duke's ADPi Takes The Crown For Most Cringeworthy Sorority Video Ever

Duke’s ADPi sorority has made the most awesomely bad sorority recruitment video ever. Maybe it’s because I see a bit of myself in the girl who can’t stop whipping out serious poses (stop, it took guts to admit this), but I was laughing in horror the entire time.

Videos like these remind us of two things: 1. How grateful we are that we are no longer part of a sorority having to come up with gimmicky stuff like this. 2. How little we cared about being in a sorority, as this is the first time we’ve ever seen a sorority video. Seriously, who makes these?

The video is reminiscent of the kind we made as kids with our camcorders but never showed anyone seriously. We only have them in case we become famous or something, and only then they are considered funny.

I repeat: You don’t actually show these to people, girls of ADPi!

Although, we are so, SO glad you did. Check it out for a good laugh and pat yourself on the back for making it past your own rush.

H/T: BroBible