How To Dress Up Your Look But Still Feel Like You’re Wearing Pajamas

I used to live in a world of confinement, unable to express myself to the world around me.

My voice felt stifled. My body, imprisoned.

Now, I see things differently. I am free, and my life has changed.

How did this happen?

I stopped wearing uncomfortable pants.

For too long, our culture has kept us oppressed, forcing us to wear pants that button and shirts made of fabrics that don't stretch.

We've made strides, but we still have a long way to go. Dress codes still exist, and ideas of “professionalism” and “business casual” run rampant.

How can you help the resistance?

Here are the four things you need to live a life of style and leisure:

A comfy boot with a heel

Urban Outfitters

If you are a woman on the go, you have absolutely no room in your life for uncomfortable shoes.

A lack of arch support will cause a load of health problems that can negatively affect your life for years.

Yet, we need to look “presentable” and not “like your feet just got back from a long hike.”

The solution? A solid, comfortable boot with a small heel.

There are many great leather options that will provide the illusion of professional attire as well as arch support.

No matter what is on the rest of your body, you can say, “What? I'm wearing heels!”

A solid belief that leggings are pants

Urban Outfitters

Why would Joseph C. Shivers even invent spandex in 1959 if he didn't intend it for everyday wear?

The conspiracy that leggings are “not real pants” is poison to our culture.

The key is to invest in leggings that will give you the comfort and confidence to wear a garment intended for athletic use to any function.

Whether it's work, dates or funerals, a sleek, non-faded pair of leggings is a completely appropriate look to rock.

The freedom you feel while uninhibited by movement-preventing pants will increase not only your overall happiness but also your productivity and creativity (according to a study I made up).

A comfortable shirt of substantial length

Urban Outfitters

The only ones who should have visual access to the crotch of your leggings are you, your spin class instructor and God.

A shirt that covers this area is the glue that holds the "Feels Like Pajamas In Public" look together.

It should be a little bold to distract any skeptics from what you're wearing on your legs. Try a long-sleeved piece of a high-quality fabric that's too short for a dress and more professional than a standard shirt.

A slightly oversized, yet still form-fitting sweater is another great option.

Or, you can go for my personal favorite: the sweater dress. Just as the words imply, “sweater” neutralizes the uncomfortable aspect of “dress” and manages to provide a decoy “dressed-up” look.

It feels like cheating, but you're in the clear.

Anything that feels like a blanket

Urban Outfitters

Through all of the fashion oppression we've encountered, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

That tunnel begins with garments whose names start with the word “blanket.” Whether they're blanket scarves or blanket sweaters, nothing helps to get through a work day quite like being gently swaddled by your outfit.

Wrap yourself in blanket-based fashion, and glide through life in the comfort you deserve.