Dress For Less: The Great Gatsby

All the buzz about "The Great Gatsby" has left me drooling over 1920's fashion. This decade was home to arguably the most sophisticated men’s and women’s styles. I would have loved to be a part of this time but, luckily, it is coming back bigger and better in 2013 with classic, elegant and timeless style.

From Daisy Buchanan’s enchanting parade of demure spring colors, to Jordan Baker’s sophistication --  "The Great Gatsby" has inspired fashion with designers such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. Features like tassels, face veils, long jewelry, flowing chiffon dresses encompass the style of the era.

There was no such thing as “too much”– art deco jewels, fringe, t-straps and martinis, headscarves and hats…the more glitz and drama the better.

The exciting news is that, much thanks to Gatsby’s movie adaptation, the drama of the roaring twenties is being reborn!

The age of the gentleman is not so far behind us.  With hipster boys debuting the deep side part and prepdom overtaking men’s fashion, the revival of 20s fashion statements is finally here.

When interpreting the 1920s fashion, avoid a head-to-toe look as bringing back the “Roaring Twenties” is best done in moderation, with a loafer here and a vest there.

While some pieces may seem to read too literal at first glance, a plain tee and a pair of rolled up khakis is all it takes to remove the barbershop quartet look out of a 20's ensemble. Things like Boater Hats or Striped Regatta Blazers are best worn separately and, should the occasion present itself, why not just throw in a greyhound walking stick for a little extra something?

Here are some amazing pieces from corluxuryny you can’t miss out on:

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