DKNY Launches The First Ever 'Ramadan Line,' Putting A New Take On Summer Fashion (Photos)


It's either a very savvy business move or a very creative form of expression for a niche group. It might even be both.

Regardless of the motives — whether consciously targeting a one billion-person Muslim consumer market, or simply taking on a new creative challenge -- DKNY decided to launch its first-ever Ramadan line.

As Ramadan continues into the end of July, DKNY announced that it would soon start selling a line of beautiful clothes that are also culturally appropriate. The line, which features floor length dresses and loose, draped long-sleeves shirts, has already made a stir among the Muslim community.

Pakistani commentator Bina Shah described the looks as "effortlessly chic, fresh, and elegant, and inspirational for Muslim women looking for ways to be glam and modest at the same time."

The clothes, which come in interesting patterns and muted colors, have looked to the Muslim female community for help in assuring the line is exactly what religious women want to look fashionable while not violating any beliefs or codes about their clothing.

Dubai-based designer Tamara Al Gabbani and Styles magazine fashion editor Yalda Golsharifi, who is Kuwaiti, were responsible for styling the looks in the collection, which will so far only be available for purchase in the Middle East.

via NBC News, Photos Courtesy: DKNY