This Easy DIY Hack Will Change Your Nail Polish Removal Game Forever

Removing nail polish sucks.

No matter what remover you use, it'll still do a number on your fingertips. Acetone removes the natural oils in your skin and can leave a white cast behind.

If you're a polish junkie like me, filled with dread every time you have to remove your manicure, read on for the easiest (and arguably cheapest) beauty hack. This technique is particularly great for glitter polishes and bold colors which might otherwise stain your fingers.

Bust out your old elementary school art supplies, because it's time to get your glue on.

What you need: White glue Clean brush Nail polish

First, pour the glue out on a piece of tin foil or a paper plate.

Using the clean brush, apply a thin coat of glue to your nail and let it dry. Next, give yourself the mani of your dreams.

Time to remove! This is the fun part.

Lift a corner of the polish and slowly peel away. It should balloon up and peel off easily. Any stray remnants can be removed with a Q-tip dipped in polish remover.

Kylah Benes-Trapp