Disney Pizza Princess Is Finally A Disney Princess We Can All Relate To

Finally a Disney princess we can all relate to.

If you were not so impressed by Cinderella's transformation from poor working girl to belle of the ball, then perhaps you'll look at this princess' magical get-up with a greater sense of wonder.

Instead of a glitzy blue dress and glass slippers (totally impractical, right?), this princess' dress goes from drab to pizza.

Yes, pizza — because haven't we all wanted that delicious cheese and crust combination so close that we could literally eat it off ourselves?

Forget the typical Disney damsels in distress; Pizza Princess is a female we can finally look up to, a true role model for all ages (because you know with a dress made of pizza she is totally unfazed by all those pesky body issues).

H/T: Buzzfeed, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr