Despite Claims, It Looks Like These Cookies Won't Make Your Breasts Bigger, After All

As if women needed one more "beauty" product aimed at augmenting their bodies.

Thanks to the more-than-slighty sexist Japanese cookie confectioner, women now have another item touting the ability to change someone's physique.

The F-Cup cookies boast of increasing a women's bust by mere consumption. They claim that by eating two of the cookies (comprised largely of the plant extract Pueraria Mirifica) a day, women will notice a drastic increase in cup size.

But can the cookie manufacturer promise that fat won't go anywhere else? It doesn't even matter; it sounds like these claims are entirely bogus.

The company claims that Pueraria Mirifica contains a molecule similar in composition to oestrogen, which can mimic the qualities of the biological hormone and play a big role in determining chest size.

But nutritionists and doctors agree: there's absolutely no evidence that concentrated doses of this hormone will lead to chest augmentation. If that were the case, we're sure the women of the world would be eating it to extinction.

According to nutrition expert Ian Marber, there's really nothing to support the cookie manufacturer's claims.

Even concentrated doses haven't been shown to do anything, although eating several biscuits can lead to weight gain with all that goes with it.

So there you have it, ladies.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Facebook