Women Are Sporting Crystal Beards On The Runways Of Paris Right Now

by Gigi Engle

There has been a lot of weird sh*t happening on the runways of Europe over the last few weeks.

So, it shouldn't be too surprising On Aura Tout Vu decided to include crystal beard masks as a part of their runway show.

What an interesting accessory in the name of fashion, no? This sure gives a whole new meaning to The Bearded Lady.

Who would have thought beards would be so en vogue even fashion's elite would use them as a runway accessory? At least we can stop borrowing our guys' razors?

The masks made an appearance at Paris Couture Week earlier today.

On Aura Tout Vu's co-designer, André de Sà Pessoa, began his designing career in crystal back in Portugal, so this look might've been a salute to his old craft.

We have to admit we kind of love this. I mean, who doesn't love crystals and who doesn't love a good beard? Sure, it's unusual, but hey, it's fashion.

Remember the time those dresses without an opening for your head were a thing? Yeah.

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