49 Reasons Why A Good Cry Is So Great For Your Soul

by Ashley Fern

No one likes crying; it's basically an unwritten fact of life.

We've been told at a young age that crying equates to weakness, which is why we see so many people struggle when trying to deal with their emotions.

People don't want to admit when they're in over their heads, when they've reached their breaking point and, even further, when they need help.

But as much of an awful wrap as crying gets, it really isn't that bad of a look now is it? As long as you're not blacked-out wasted, hysterically crying in the middle of a bar because your ex just walked in with his new girlfriend, it's pretty socially acceptable to shed a tear here, there or wherever need be.

The funny thing about the connotation of crying is that everyone f*cking does it. I don't care if you only teared up that "one time"; you still caved and cried.

It may have been at the end of “Armageddon,” it may have been when Derek Shepherd was killed off “Grey's Anatomy,” or it may have been because a relative passed away.

Whatever the reason may be, no one should give anybody a hard time if and when he or she chooses to break down.

Crying is cathartic, as we all know, but it really does so much more than that. It's the one thing in life that makes you stop your day, regardless of whatever the F the reason is, and focus on yourself and what's going on on the inside.

It makes you take a break from the craziness, the stress and the hair-pulling feelings that the world brings on a constant basis.

So if that isn't enough to get you to embrace those free-flowing tears of yours, hopefully this list will. Get the tissues ready (if you don't have them out already).

1. If you've never eaten while crying, you've never tasted life.

2. Crying is the ultimate way to let things go.

3. It's an excuse to do what you love, aka emo out.

4. It's a physical manifestation of pain.

5. It feels good to feel.

6. It reminds you that you're alive.

7. If you've never cried, you've never felt strongly about something.

8. You can't experience joy if you've never experienced pain.

9. The most important feelings you have make you cry.

10. It's humbling.

11. It covers up the fact that you're also stoned.

12. It makes you have empathy.

13. It makes other people realize you're not a robot.

14. Because once it's done, it's done.

15. Those who you can cry with are your deepest connections.

16. It feels great to wallow.

17. It reminds you of what's important in your life.

18. It resets your emotional meter.

19. If you can't cry, you can't grow.

20. It means you have depth.

21. It unclouds your vision.

22. Because holding that sh*t in is definitely not healthy.

23. It reminds YOU that you're not a robot.

24. It means you value your life.

25. It centers you.

26. It's not always associated with sadness.

27. It grounds you.

28. It's one of the things you can give yourself that makes you feel better.

29. It's genuinely healthy.

30. It brings you back in tune with yourself.

31. It's a lot more efficient at relieving stress than complaining is.

32. It brings all of your chaos into one place.

33. It forces you to confront all of the emotions you've been trying to suppress.

34. It helps to lower that boiling blood pressure.

35. It shows you what's a priority in your life.

36. Crying can quickly change your current mood.

37. It shows you what types of people get under your skin the most.

38. It releases toxins from your body.

39. It reaffirms the fact that you desperately need a vacation.

40. It helps you see clearly.

41. It freshens up your mind, body and soul.

42. It makes you look inwards.

43. Crying makes you question why you haven't tried this sooner.

44. It's a lot healthier to let your emotions out this way than to take them out on a loved one.

45. It hurts a lot less than punching a wall.

46. Because what the hell else are you supposed to do with all of your feelings?

47. It teaches you not to bottle things up.

48. It can get you off the hook for a lot of sh*t.

49. Because at the end of the day, you're still getting wet. (And now you're laughing, not crying — you're welcome.)

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