Just Stop: 11 Women Reveal The Creepiest Sext They've Ever Received


Close your eyes, ladies. Are they closed? Good.

Now, raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Regina George.

Just kidding. OK, seriously: Raise your hand if you have ever felt violated by a very creepy, extremely awkward sext, private Facebook message, Tinder message or other kind of digital communication.

I'm guessing that every one of you has a hand in the air right now. We've all been privy to the unsolicited dick pic, the unwarranted come-on and the fetish admission that no one could have prepared us for.

We've all been there. It is part of being a woman in the age of the text message. Should it be that way? Of course not, but what can you do?

You can't swipe right on Tinder for more than 10 minutes without receiving either a “DTF?” text or a giant, pixelated photograph of some dude's wang. It's a lot to deal with, amiright?!

With their iPhone just inches away from their dicks at any given time, men seem to constantly feel the need to send off unflattering photos of their junk to women everywhere.

Even though we constantly tell them that an unsolicited wiener photo is not something a woman wants to receive, they just continue to do it.

Now, if your hand didn't raise -- and you're telling me no man has ever sent you a creepy sext -- then congratulations on being an enormous liar.

No one believes you, so just get over it.

We're all in this together. Don't worry; no one thinks you "asked for it" if you flirt too hard. Sometimes guys just don't understand boundaries and genuine social courtesy.

Fellas, did you ever stop to wonder if “Hey, maybe this girl doesn't want me to tell her about how I want to sniff her nipple hair after she asked me how my day way.” Did you?

No? Okay, then.

My ladies, my beauties, my darlings: If you need a little consolation and a LOT of mental recovery from the PTSD caused by ludicrously sexual text messages that you didn't request, look no further.

Here are 11 real women on the creepiest sext they have ever received:

1. Just saying hi … with my wiener.

- Kaitlyn, 26.

2. Spit or swallow?

-Gigi, 24.

3. I think he was the butt of the joke.

- Aly, 28.

4. Dicks and nips for everyone!

- Sandy, 29.

5. Forget the sext -- I think I'm more disturbed by his salad name.

- Gabi, 23.

6. A very happy Valentine's for you, indeed.

- Carrie, 23.

7. Feminism on Tinder will produce 'interesting' results.

- Sandy, 29.*

 8. Because sex and pizza are an obvious combination.

- Jessica, 23.

9. Netflix and ch-scrotum.

- May, 25.

10. Well, that escalated quickly.

- Riley, 27.

11. Hey, Mom!

- Kendra, 23.*

* Names were changed.