Attention Men: Yes, I Might Be 'Crazy,' But You Made Me This Way

by Gigi Engle

Women are crazy. Yeah, I said it. I will scream it from the rooftops if you want me to. Women. Are. Crazy.

Listen up, though: Women are not not born crazy; we’re made crazy.

A female does not enter the world without sanity. She's a blank, serene slate when she's born. What the new baby girl does not know is that she will soon be driven crazy by the world into which she was born.

Little by little, she begins to lose her marbles. She will start to learn from the world around her that beauty is the most important thing a woman can possess, male attention is priceless, and her place and importance in the world will be dictated by males -- not herself.

When she shows emotion, she will be chastised. When she cries, she will be told she is too emotional. Within time -- without a doubt -- she will begin to go crazy.

We’re all f*cking nuts.

We’re emotional, we’re intense, and we’re really big on overanalyzing. We do crazy things. We may be crazy, but we were MADE this way. We were driven crazy. We were driven mad by society. We were driven mad by the way we were treated.

Men! If you had to go through what women do, you'd be f*cking crazy too.

We live in a male-dominated, male-focused society. Women are subjects. We're the receivers, never the givers. We do not have agency. We are not in control.

Male-oriented society has made women crazy. Where men are emotionally stunted, we're emotionally intelligent. This distinction has made us think we're crazy for feeling anything.

Constantly being told you’re in the wrong -- that your behavior is overdramatic and your emotions are over-the-top -- is bound to push anybody over the edge.

Women fall victim to our male-oriented society. The looming threat of having our sanity questioned is bound to breed competition between women.

We call other women "crazy" so that we can emerge as "not crazy." We’re not encouraged to find solidarity.

We’re not told to respect the bonds of sisterhood. If we did that, men would be threatened. The power dynamic would change, and that just can't happen.

I absolutely refuse to say that women aren’t crazy... because we literally are.

I don’t care how cool a girl is: If she’s ever had contact with men, she is CRAZY. You cannot be a woman and live in the world and not be a little bit nuts.

Yes, I'm crazy. But you made me this way.

We’re told to dress provocatively, but we’re called whores when we do.

In order to attract men and be "sexy," women are encouraged to show cleavage, to expose our belly buttons, to wear super-short skirts. Our appearance, we're told, is what matters.

But the minute we dress the way we "should," we’re called whores. It’s enormously confusing.

How can we be told to dress one way and then be punished for doing exactly that? It’s enough to make anyone a tad unstable and low on self-esteem.

We’re not overly emotional; we’re appropriately emotional.

Society tells women that we're “overly emotional.” We’re called "crazy" for allowing ourselves to actually FEEL instead of bottling up our emotions the way men want us to.

When we express ourselves or voice our discontent, we're easily brushed to the side. We're pitted against men who don't understand us. Men and women are incompatible.

We’re in tune with our emotions where men are not. We’re "crazy" because they're too stupid to be able to figure us out.

We’re told not to play games, but then we never win.

We're told not to play mind games. But when we're open and straightforward about our feelings, we're f*cked. How can we do away with games if the only way to land men is to play them?

We’re told to be “cool,” “chill,” and “down-to-earth.” But doing any of that means playing games to mask the crazy.

If we don’t play games, we end up alone. If we don’t deviate from our glorious, wild, crazy selves, we lose the game.

We’re told to withhold sex, but then we’re ignoring our own pleasure.

Society says that sex is for entrapment, not pleasure. Society instructs women to use their sexuality to trap men into a relationship.

We’re supposed to do the withholding dance in order to get what we want. Sex isn’t taught to be about your female pleasure. It’s about getting a man and satisfying HIS needs.

We fail to recognize that women like sex just as much as men do. But if you’re a woman who likes sex, you’re labeled insane, unstable or crazy.

If you want sex and your boyfriend doesn’t, it’s not his fault; it’s your fault for being a "slut."

If you’re a woman who is open about sex, life becomes a sh*tstorm. People take your expressed sex drive as an opportunity to harass you.

Men get to talk about sex all the time without any repercussions. If a woman talks about sex, that’s all she’s known for. She becomes the “sex girl.”

She becomes a woman a man would never marry. He considers her "loose" and "unladylike." Having to ignore our own pleasure and pretend it doesn’t exist drives us crazy.

We’re told to fill ridiculous tropes; if we don’t, there's something wrong with us.

The “Manic Pixie Dream Girl,” “The Vixen,” “The Free Spirit,” “The Cool Girl” and all the other ridiculous societal tropes invented by men are some of the worst things to ever happen to women.

We’re told to fit into this absurd moulds. If we can’t manage to squeeze ourselves into these unrealistic and fantastical cardboard cutouts, we’re not worthy of attention.

We’re "crazy." God forbid we be allowed to act like normal human beings instead of the idiotic, shallow caricatures that were created for us.

How could we not be crazy when we’re told that our very personalities aren't "enough"?

We’re told to be open, but we're accused of getting too attached too quickly.

Women are told to be loving and nurturing. We’re supposed to be ultra-feminine. We’re supposed to be the gentler sex. But when we act accordingly, we’re told we’re clingy, emotional or theatrical.

We’re supposed to be the "loving" ones. But when we show that love, we’re crazy. Men say they want us to act like ourselves -- like women. But the moment we open up, we’re “too attached.”

Women are crazy because we’re over here trying to follow your lead. We’re trying to fit into a box. We’re trying to be open but not emotional, tender but aloof, smart but unthreatening and sexy but not slutty.

Of course we’re f*cking crazy. Could you stay sane dealing with that sh*t?