Coveted Item of the Week: J Brand Photo Ready Denim Jeans

Every woman wants to appear as if she's been Photoshopped to perfection. We spend countless hours in dressing rooms, trying on twenty different pairs of jeans just to find the elusive "The One." Well ladies, the quest for the ideal pair ends here.

J Brand’s photo ready denim skinnies are specifically designed with a slimming stretch technology to make our asses look airbrushed and our thighs hollowed-out. It’s as if the J Brand team were right there in the fitting room with us, cupping our butts while sewing together a flattering cut that contours to our various curves.

The unique fabric acts like shapewear – lifting what needs to be lifted and sucking in what we don’t want sticking out (can you say, love handles?). And, the material is stretchy enough to be comfortable, but tight enough to avoid the sagging-tush-effect. Even though our newly-sprouted-Gisele-legs might be a cleverly disguised illusion, no one has to ever know.

The jeans don’t come cheap, but then again neither does a personal trainer.

J Brand Photo Ready Denim, $202 - $297, available at J Brand.